Coffee & Tea   
all our coffee beans and tea are soured from local suppliers 
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What makes our coffee special

Our unique blend of coffee bean as been carfully selected with the help of Crosby Coffee. With a combination of tried and trusted, traditional flame-roasting methods and the very highest quality beans from around the world, resulting in the freshest, best-tasting coffee available. Based in Liverpool, Crosby Coffee are suppliers of quality coffee to coffee lovers everywhere.
Crosby Coffee was founded in 2014 from an obsession for coffee by founder, Jack Foster. It has been all about the beans ever since!
 so why not pop in and grab a cup of our unique blend of coffee
Our Tea  
At Brew Tea Co, we're not lying when we say we love tea. We're also not being very specific.
We love tea: the ritual; tea: the stress remedy; that sense of satisfaction you get from a solid brew? That's why we're here.
We reckoned if you could get even a smidgen of that feeling from ground-up factory-floor mystery dust tea, we could take things to new heights with the right approach. And after some {and by some, we mean a lot} of teething, we think we've done it.

Drinks menu 

​​White wine       
Prices displayed as 250ml / Bottle

Pino Grigio £4.95 / £14.50
White Italian Wine A delightfully fresh and fruity Pinot Grigio. with pear and green apple flavours

Chardonnay £4.95 / £14.50
Fragrant floral aromas, green apple and quince, fresh, bright acidity with a touch of brie-like creaminess, toasted brioche and fresh pineapple.

Red Wine 

Merlot £4.95 / £14.50
A Lush and velvety plum, raspberry and pomegranate fruit flavour


Prosecco 125ml – £5.25 / Bottle - £15.00
Tangy lemon sherbert with sweet green apple and pear flavour. A citrussy tang, with very lively bubbles and a waxy red apple peel finish.

Beer, cider and Ales

Corona, Pale beer, 4.5% - 330ml £3.50
Brewdog pony club, Pale Ale, 3.8% - 330ml £4.25 Magners, 4.5%-500ml £4.00

Premium Spirits
Prices displayed as 25ml

Absolut Vodka (40%) £3.50
Liverpool gin (43%) £4.50
Liverpool vodka  (43%) £3.50
Glenlivet  Whiskey (43%) £3.50
Soft Drinks

Mixer (tonic, lemonade) £1.00
Coke/Diet Coke – £1.65
Fentimans Rose Lemonade 275ml - £2
Fentimans Dandelion and burdock 275ml - £2 Fentimans Victorian Lemonade 275ml - £2 Fentimans cherry cola 275ml - £2
Still water 250ml - £1.60
Sparkling water 250ml - £1.60

Tea & Coffee

Pot of Brew Tea. Loose Tea - £3

Breakfast, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Green, Berry, Chai Tea, Decaffeinated, Lemon & Ginger

Introducing Station Coffee House Own Blend

Espresso / Double Espresso – £1.40 / £1.80
Americano – £2.25
Latte/ Flat White/ Cappuccino -£2.55
Mocha – £2.75
Hot Chocolate – £2.70

Flavoured Syrups
please ask for choices – £0.40
  1. Always fresh, our very own blend of Coffee.
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  3. Breakfast
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  4. Toast & Muffins
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  5. Lunch
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  6. Sandwiches
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  7. Great coffee, great atmosphere, great time
Made right here! That’s our philosophy, and how we like to roll. Our little kitchen creates exciting food with an emphasis on locally sourced wonderful ingredients, coffee and tea 

 drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.

Made right here!